22nd National Conference of
the English Phonetic Society of Japan and
rd International Congress of
Phoneticians of English
EPSJ22 and ICPE3)

at Seinan Gakuin University

21 - 22 October 2017

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Keynote Lecturers

   Emeritus Professor Hyun Bok Lee, Seoul National University, Chief Adviser to EPSJ

   Emeritus Professor John C. Wells, UCL, University of London

   Professor Ho-Young Lee, Seoul National University

   Dr Geoff Lindsey, Honorary Lecturer in Linguistics, UCL

      Director, Summer Course in English Phonetics, UCL

      Director and Tutor, English Speech Services

Call for Papers
(Time available for each paper is 15 minutes, including Question Time)

@Important Dates: Papers are due by 31 August 2017.

@Please email the application form and paper to Prof

@Masaki Taniguchi at tamasaki @ kochi-u.ac.jp

@Notification of Acceptance: 15 September 2017 




Registration Fee: 20000 yen
: Please email your Registration Form to the Conference Organizer as soon as you can, preferably by 30 September.
On-Site Registration is also accepted.


Conference Organizer
Masaki Taniguchi
Professor, Kochi University
Vice President, Englilsh Phonetic Society of Japan (EPSJ)
Head of the Kyushu-Okinawa-Shikoku Branch, EPSJ
tamasaki @ kochi-u.ac.jp

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