Embryonic retinoic acid target genes in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis

Tomoko Ishibashi, Masumi Nakazawa, Hiroaki Ono,
Nori Satoh, Takashi Gojobori & Shigeki Fujiwara

--- Microarray analysis ---

Table S1   The list of RA target genes   (Warning: 8.5 Mb)
     * The cluster ID and clone ID are according to the Ciona intestinalis cDNA project
        database (Ghost database).  The URL of the Ghost database is
     * For the sequence of the clones, go to the above web site.
     * Reproducibility is ranked as follows.  A, consistent results in all four hybridizations;
        B, consistent results in three of four hybridizations; C, R/D > 1 in two experiments
        and R/D < 1 in the other two experiments.
     * The list was aligned by geometrical average of the R/D value.

In situ data   Link to in situ data
     * The link to in situ photos of selected cDNA clones
     * Click cluster IDs or clone IDs to move to in situ data.

Microarray raw data   microarray raw data
     * The fluorescent images obtained from four hybridization experiments