Bud development of
Polyandrocarpa misakiensis

Various modes of bud development of ascidians have been described
(eg. Nakauchi, 1982. Am.Zool, 22, 753-763), and will be hopefully
introduced on this page in the future.
This page summarizes bud development of Polyandrocarpa misakiensis.

Both budding and regeneration include the process to reconstruct missing parts
from the remaining tissue.   Although some human tissues have a strong
regeneration potential, we cannot proliferate by budding.   Why can ascidians
reconstruct their body from a small pieces of the adult tissue, and why can't we?
We want to know the molecular basis and mechanisms that enable ascidians
to reactivate developmental programs that are usually active only during

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Embryonic development is another fascinating subject.  We are also studying on
molecular biological aspects of the embryonic development of the ascidian
Ciona intestinalis.  Visit THIS PAGE.