Laboratory chemical biology


In our laboratory, we study the interaction between living things, mainly plant and insect pest, at the molecular level including DNA expression, secondary metabolites, and enzymes. In particular, we have been conducting screening, isolation, identification of bioactive substances from natural resources, resultingly medical and agrochemical use. Furthermore, we are conducting molecular biology studies on the mechanism of expression of induced resistance in plants using rice and aphids as models.

For international students;

Our laboratory accepts both of MEXT scholarship and privately funded international students. The research theme for MS/DC will be decided upon consultation. Usually, students would choice the natural-product chemical research on useful plants or the molecular biological research on the mechanism of resistance development in model plants, but you can do both if wish.
Please refer to the website of Kochi University (MS) or Ehime University (DC) for the entrance examination, and refer to the embassy website for scholarship information. For other questions please contact me: Dr. Shinichi Tebayashi, tebayasi(@)

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Introduction Research;